Experienced, Local Attorney In Asheville, North Carolina

Your Neighbor, Your Proven Advocate

When you have a legal concern and need an attorney, you want someone from your neighborhood, someone who understands the local customs and legal processes. Born and raised in Asheville, I have been solving legal problems for local people just like you for more than 30 years. Contact me today.

As an experienced and focused attorney, I help solve problems for my North Carolina neighbors in the following practice areas:

Clients with varied backgrounds and diverse legal concerns seek my professional judgment, unflagging attention and diligent representation. I am proud that my law office has been able to respond with vigor and winning results across a wide spectrum of matters for over a quarter century.

If you have a personal injury case, I do the initial consultation free to ensure that you have a good case before proceeding. If I do take your personal injury case, I work on commission, which means that I don’t charge you legal fees unless your case is successfully resolved. Also, in any criminal defense matter, I closely examine the charge against you with an eye on working directly with the prosecution to minimize the charge to the fullest extent possible, either through negotiations or by proceeding to trial when litigation best promotes your legal interests.

A Demonstrated Problem Solver

I became a lawyer to work with people just like you, addressing and resolving legal matters for fellow members of our Asheville community. My law office, The Law Office of Attorney Eugene W. Ellison, is located conveniently on the corner of Charlotte Street and College Street. Contact me to discuss your case.