Asheville, North Carolina, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experience and Local Knowledge in the Defense of North Carolina Clients

You are facing criminal charges. You need a lawyer who understands your needs, knows how the local system works and possesses the criminal defense experience required to get you the best outcome possible. You have the right to representation. I can help you find the solutions you need.

Since opening the Law Office of Attorney Eugene W. Ellison, I have focused my legal career on helping each of my clients get the best deal possible when facing a criminal charge. My extensive trial experience, combined with strong knowledge of local court process and procedure, helps me find optimal solutions to clients’ criminal law concerns. Call my Asheville, North Carolina, office or contact me online to discuss your case.

Strong Criminal Defense Aligned With Your Best Interests

With 25-plus years of practice in Western North Carolina, my experience encompasses multiple areas of criminal defense in both state and federal court:

  • Defending against DWI charges
  • Defending against drug possession and other drug offense charges
  • Defending against breaking and entering charges
  • Defending against larceny charges
  • Defending against traffic violations
  • Defending against other misdemeanors and felonies

Knowledge is indeed power. The first thing I do when taking a criminal defense case is to explore the facts and the law, using the skills and resources I have cultivated in more than a quarter century of relevant experience to determine whether the prosecution really has a good case against you. Perhaps mistakes or loopholes exist that would help your case. If so, I will find them. Then, armed with that knowledge, I can negotiate forcefully with the prosecution to reach the best agreement possible.

On behalf of each client in a criminal case, I fully explore every possibility that might lead to an optimal result.

Local Asheville Criminal Defense Lawyer Diligently Promoting Your Rights

I grew up here and have served as a lawyer in this community for my entire professional career. Perhaps the greatest benefit to me of being an Asheville native is my comparatively strong insight into local legal practice and custom. I have accumulated 25-plus years of hard-earned experience getting to know the participants working within the justice system. Although this does not of course guarantee results in any case, it does provide for a mutual understanding of roles and a streamlined communication process. My experience also puts others on full notice of my client commitment in every case. Contact me today to discuss your legal matter.