Asheville, North Carolina, Real Estate Attorney

Experienced Asheville Real Estate Transactions Attorney

With a decision as important as buying a house or other real property, you need the close scrutiny and services of an attorney who can provide true value. Fair and reasonable prices coupled with more than 30 years of experience solving problems for the people of Asheville, North Carolina, makes the Law Office of Attorney Eugene W. Ellison a logical choice for clients engaged in real estate transactions.

I have been helping people in Asheville, North Carolina, and surrounding communities successfully close their real estate transactions for well over two decades. I started my legal practice because I wanted to help people just like you understand and navigate the singular process of buying and selling real estate. Contact me today for your real estate needs.

Real Estate Transactions

Working with me on your next home sale or purchase brings tangible benefits, including the following:

  • I focus on residential closings.
  • I have strong experience representing both buyers and sellers.
  • Reasonable and prompt service is a hallmark of my law office.
  • I do all the background work to ensure there is good and marketable title before the transaction takes place.

In more than 30 years as a lawyer, I have been centrally involved in many real estate deals, and I know I can help you successfully close your transaction.

Local Attorney Serving Asheville’s Real Estate Needs

I pride myself in working with people from all walks of life, and have been doing so successfully for many years. I grew up in Asheville, and I love using my specialized knowledge and skills to help someone from my community buy or sell a home.

I offer prompt and courteous service and handle all the background research before the transaction, so you know whether title is good on the property.

Contact me today for help with your real estate needs.